Clara Vasquez


Clara is a young, single mom and U.S. Navy veteran who is 100% disabled with PTSD. Clara is unable to work and lives off of a small VA pension and was earning 100% VA medical. The VA stopped paying her medical benefits for the birth of her daughter. Clara’s baby girl spent 12 days in NICU and the VA has not yet paid, saying they will only pay for 9 days and that she is responsible for paying the rest. The medical bills have been sent to collections and now appear on Clara’s credit report. Clara struggles to pay daily expenses, let alone the medical bills.


Ed Beaudion

Ed is a 100% disabled U.S. Army veteran who is wheelchair bound after losing one of his legs. Ed is unable to work and has been asking the VA for a van to get around for 6 years now and the VA keeps losing the claim. Ed is also about to lose his home to foreclosure. As his way of giving back, Ed uses his shop outside to teach free classes to veterans that he used to teach for OSHA. The classes he teaches include safety training on tools, drills, air compressors, chain saws, etc. Ed is a 100% disabled veteran who is helping other veterans, but cannot get the help he needs. He would really like a van to be able to get around and function better, but he really wants to keep his home.


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SERV is an initiative through Goodwill Manasota’s Veterans Services Program that provides Special Emergency Resources for Veterans.
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