Heather L. Hopewell

(941) 525-3667

Professional History:
Ad-Vance Talent Solutions Inc.
Program Assistant (Sarasota County Parks and Recreation)

  • Provides coverage of centralized registration and reservation center. Assists phone, walk-in and internet customers with registrations, reservations and special events. Provides information about all Parks and Recreation services, programs, activities, facilities and ball field rentals. Communicates with staff in the field regarding use of facilities. Utilizes technology to track and receive funds.
  • Performs miscellaneous clerical duties such as preparing mailings, assisting with reports, filing and record- keeping. Prepares daily close-out paperwork. Responds to customer phone messages, mail and e-mail correspondence, Make copies/scans documents. Initiates monthly billing and weekly customer satisfaction surveys. Compiles survey data for month-end reports. Orders supplies and keeps office machinery in working order. Proofreads documents, booklets and brochures. Maintains an organized workplace.

VA Veteran Rehabilitation and Counseling Services Center of Sarasota
Work Study Receptionist-Administrative Assistant (Full Time)

  • Answer phones and takes messages accordingly.
  • Inputs referrals of veterans or their direct family members.
  • Greets and acknowledges all that enter in a professional, upbeat, and courteous manor.
  • Works as a team to devise and implement community outreach events.
  • Gathers vital information regarding benefits and community services or aid that may be required for those in need.
  • Schedules future appointments for the counselors and performs reminder calls daily.
  • Provides informational aid and assistance to veterans or their direct family members.
  • Provides computer technical support when needed to office staff.
  • Maintains an accurate and updated inventory listing of all items within the Vet Center.
  • Created and implemented new organizational methods for the entire office.
  • Manages the intake of donated supplies for veterans and their direct family members to include but not limited to: Food, Clothing, Blankets, and Toiletries.
  • Relays Veteran Affairs regulation policies and procedures when appropriate to veterans and their direct family members.

Paragon Systems, Security Clerk
DHS Headquarters/N.A.C.
09/2006 – 05/2007

  • Managed the visitors, parking, and badging databases. Issued and controlled access cards and parking permits. Ameliorated access for multiple visits for various personnel from all location.
  • Strong people skills, the ability to communicate effectively, to work under deadline and with a result oriented approach. Direct interactions with VIP personnel, to include Foreign Delegations, on a daily bases.
  • Troubleshot the Lenel Visitor Management System, and made recommendations to senior management staff. Performed as a team member while writing an administrative procedures services manual.
  • Verified that escorting personnel are following the correct procedures and are fully informed of their responsibilities as an escort. Detected and reported presence of unauthorized personnel and activities. Implemented security reporting and alerting systems.
  • Delivered all visitor access request forms to access control everyday on 3 scheduled occasions. Advised all DHS Headquarters/NAC & visiting personnel about government rules or policies on a daily basis.
  • Generated a new organization method for DHS Headquarters/NAC visitor center and made sure that all supplies, uniforms, and equipment were readily available.
  • Was one of two personnel in charge of creating and filling work schedules to keep the DHS Headquarters/NAC running smoothly.
  • Supervised and trained inexperienced security clerk personnel as well as taught all personnel updated working procedures in all job related areas on a regular basis.

U.S.A.F., 100th Security Forces & U.S.A.F.R., 919th SFS / 920th Medical Logistics Squadron
07/2004 – 07/2005

  • Operated pass and registration activities. Supervised and trained SF augmentees. Provided on-scene supervision for security forces. Inspected and evaluated effectiveness of SF personnel and activities. Developed daily rosters with personnel posts or daily duty locations and schedules.
  • Directed interactions with VIP personnel on a daily bases. Worked hand in hand with M.O.D. Police (ministry of defense), foreign contractors, and foreign civilian personnel daily. Enforced the SOFA agreement and various other international and UCMJ laws.
  • Systematized a room filled with documents for prior deployed personnel and hand delivered them. Then for those no longer at the unit, I researched their current location and mailed those documents to them, or simply destroyed them in a safe and secure manor as instructed by my flight chief (boss.) Generated a new organization method for flight chiefs (management) office and administrative areas, as well as computer room, and locker rooms.
    Detected and reported the presence of unauthorized personnel and activities. Implemented security reporting and alerting systems. Controlled and secured terrain inside and outside military installations. Defended personnel, equipment, and resources from hostile forces.
  • Developed plans, policies, procedures, and detailed instructions to implement Security Forces programs. Planed, organized, and scheduled SF activities. Provided oversight, guidance, and assistance to commanders with the application of information, personnel, and industrial security programs. Enforced standards of conduct, discipline, and adherence to laws and directives.
  • Operated in various field environments, performed individual, and team patrol movements, both mounted and dismounted, tactical drills, battle procedures, convoys, military operations other than war, antiterrorism duties, and other special duties.
  • Operated communication equipment, vehicles, intrusion detection equipment, crew-served weapons, and other special purpose equipment. Successfully inspected and maintained GOV vehicles, and various other military issued equipment.
  • Assisted armorer with ammunition count, weapons cleaning, weapons assignment, weapons turn-in, and radio programming of both vehicle radios and hand-held radios.
  • Trained to apply self-aid buddy care, lifesaving procedures, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and be the first responder to accident and disaster scenes.
  • Started the initial process for personnel clearances and input the needed information for such.
    Performed and managed preparation and maintenance of manual and mechanized accountable medical materiel records, and requisitioning, receiving, storing, issuing, safeguarding and accounting for supplies and equipment. Processed and monitored requests for contracts.
  • Handled special projects that include sensitive security information and documents, along with equipment such as government computers and laptops. Created a program to hold that information and that will be the program my reserve section continues to use from now on.
  • Created complex power point presentations and present them along with a speech about what medical logistics does and what we do for the unit to all the new coming personnel every month.

Volunteer Work: Community Fundraising with 832 K-9′s Deputy Dogs, Contact Person: Chetta Cometa (941) 234-5010